Doug’s Custom Bedliners


Doug’s Custom Bedliners gives your truck bed the best protection possible. Because the liner is professionally sprayed on, the entire truck bed is sealed against moisture. This helps protect the undercarriage of the truck from rust and corrosion. The thin, hard surface of your Doug’s Custom Liner protects the bed against scratches, dents and scuffing. No matter what your loads are, the Liner will help protect your truck bed, adding more life to your vehicle.


The textured surface of your Doug’s Custom Liner makes your truck bed a safer place to work and play. While still allowing loads to slide on and off, the surface helps keep you feet, and your loads, from shifting. Also, the material is resistant to many chemicals, helping protect your truck bed from saltwater and spills.


Your truck will last longer and have a higher resale value with a Doug’s Custom Liner. Over the years, your Doug’s Custom liner will help prevent rust, scratches, dents and abrasions, extending the truck’s service life and giving you a better ownership experience


Nothing improves the looks of your truck more than a Doug’s Custom Liner. Unlike some other dull liners, our liner has a beautiful, glossy look that lasts a lifetime. And because the liner is custom-sprayed to the contours of your truck bed, the entire truck bed has a clean, continuous surface.

Professional Application

When you choose a Doug’s Custom Bedliner, your vehicle will be carefully prepared by our trained technicians.

First the surface is wiped clean with a degreasing solution. All areas are masked off and special wire trim tape is applied at edges of surface to be sprayed. Next the surface is scuffed to allow for proper adhesion and wiped down again. Then the liner is sprayed on under heat and pressure to a thickness of up to 1/4” on the floors and 1/8th on the sides of the bed. Finally the truck is unmasked and your new liner is ready for action!

Your Doug’s Custom Bedliner will be professionally installed and can be expected to perform for as long as you own your truck, without chipping, peeling, or cracking.



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