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4" Oval Nerf Bars

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LUVERNE 4" oval nerf bars give you a comfortable step and a bright accent for your vehicle without the bothersome threat of rust. They feature an elliptical tube shape with a 4" diameter and mandrel bends for added strength and style. Because they're made from stainless steel, these nerf bars easily withstand dirt, rain and road salt, maintaining a high-polish shine through every season of the year. They are made vehicle-specific for a custom fit and install with high-strength steel mounting brackets for reliable footing day after day.

Rust-Free Stainless Steel Construction

Whatever path you travel -- whether it's the daily commute to the jobsite or the off-road trail through uncharted terrain -- rust is a constant threat. LUVERNE 4" oval nerf bars eliminate this threat with their heavy-duty stainless steel construction. Stainless steel allows them to remain rust-free in spite of the elements, while maintaining dependable strength. We also give our 4" nerf bars a high-polish stainless steel finish, adding even more style with a bright shine.

Custom Fit

Rust resistance is one thing, but having a custom fit for your vehicle is just as important. LUVERNE 4" oval nerf bars are made with a vehicle-specific design for each make and model. They are constructed with mandrel bends for maximum strength and are uniquely shaped to contour to the style of your vehicle's body.

Reliable Footing

LUVERNE 4" nerf bars also have vehicle-specific step pads. These provide comfortable footing that perfectly matches the layout of your vehicle, and they are factory-installed to ensure a solid mount. The step pads are designed to be longer and wider than average to provide ultimate comfort and safety.

Each set of LUVERNE 4" oval nerf bars installs using vehicle-specific brackets to eliminate the need for drilling and provide a superior fit for every application.

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