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Washer 4000 1


Hustler Turf pressure washers are strong and durable machines with HONDA® power. With an ultra-lightweight aircraft- grade aluminum frame, they are easy to maneuver and transport. Hustler pressure washers come with a best- in-class warranty providing you with peace of mind.
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Dash42 081418s 5225


–Prices starting at $2949–
Hustler Ingenuity in a Small Yard Zero-Turn. The Dash is Hustler Turf’s most compact residential mower designed for smaller property owners. The smaller design makes it ideal for garage storage and fitting through tight spaces like fence gates. The Dash's heavy-duty frame and front-end, along with its fabricated welded-steel deck is unmatched at this price point. A smaller design makes it ideal for garage storage and fitting through tight spaces with ease. Ideal for yards that are ½ to ¾ acre in size.
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Dash Xd Front

Dash XD

–Prices Starting at $3249–
The Dash XD is the big brother of the Dash. The upgrades include more deck sizes, a more bolstered seat, more horsepower with a Kawasaki engine, and larger BigBite™ rear tires. At this price point, the Dash XD's beefy construction clearly separates it from other brands at this price point. This is a great replacement for an inefficient lawn tractor.
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Raptor Page Pic

Raptor X

–Prices Starting at $3749–
The legendary Raptor X packs all the performance and reliability Hustler is known for into a simple and durable design. We engineer our mowers to be maintenance and service friendly for the everyday homeowner. From the frame to the deck to our trademark steering, the Raptor X delivers a professional grade cut-quality for a perfectly manicured lawn. We’ve put thousands of hours of R&D and testing into the Raptor Series, which is why it’s backed by an industry leading 3yr / 300hr warranty.
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Raptorlimited Page Pic

Raptor XL

–Prices Starting at $4149–
The Raptor XL features premium upgrades to the Raptor X. The XL provides some added comfort with a more premium seat and flex forks for a smoother ride. Also, there is an additional horsepower option with a 23hp Kawasaki FR Engine. More comfort and more power backed by an industry leading 3yr / 300hr warranty.
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Raptorsd Page Pic 1

Raptor XD

–Prices Starting at $4849–
The Raptor XD is the ideal zero-turn for homeowners with one to three acres of property. The up to 24hp Kawasaki horsepower and 60-inch deck option makes the XD a premium lawn mower in the residential zero-turn category. Like all Raptors, we’ve spent decades and thousands of hours perfecting our durable fabricated decks that provide a professional-grade cut-quality. Raptor XD’s are backed by an industry leading 3yr / 300hr warranty.
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Raptor Sdx 2


–Prices Start at $5949–
The Raptor XDX is at the top of the residential zero-turn category. It has commercial-grade features like a 10-gauge fabricated deck, cast steel deck hangers, vented and toolless removable pulley covers, and reaches up to 8mph with Hydro-Gear® ZT-3100® commercial transmissions. The 5-inch-deep deck allows the XDX to mow through thick grass at top speeds. The heavy-duty XDX is backed by an industry leading 3yr / 300hr warranty and 1yr / 300hr commercial warranty.
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Raptor Flip Up Page Pic 1

Raptor Flip-Up

–Prices Starting at $6049–
Automatically Raise, Lower, Adjust Deck Height. The Flip-Up features patented QuickFlip™ technology. Enjoy effortless cleaning and blade changing, automated deck height adjustment and less required storage space…all at the push of a button.
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Fastrak Page Pic 1


–Prices Starting at $7899–
Entry-Level Commercial Mower With an upgraded engine and transmissions, the 2021 FasTrak is now a commercial-grade zero-turn mower. An ideal addition for any professional fleet, and a great option for farmers, ranchers and businesses with 5+ acres of property to maintain. The heavy-duty frame and deck construction of the FasTrak set it apart from any mower in this price range, and is backed by 4yr/750hr industry best warranty.
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Fastrk Sdx Page Pic

Fastrak SDX

–Prices Starting at $9099–
Commercial-Grade Power & Performance The FasTrak® SDX offers commercial-grade power and performance at an unbeatable value. The heavy-duty and over-engineered construction of the deck, frame and front end makes this zero-turn the most durable in its class.
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X One Page Pic 1


–Prices Starting at $11,599–
Built For All Day, Every Day Performance. The X-ONE® is built for the full-time commercial landscaper to provide all day, every day performance. It offers a choice of carbureted or fuel-injected engines and a selection of side or rear-discharge decks. The X-ONE sets the standard for commercial zero-turn value.
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Super Z Page Pic 1


–Prices Starting at $14,099–
Features Hustler's VX4 Deck, Heavy-Duty Hydraulics. The Super Z® stands apart with Hustler’s acclaimed VX4® deck technology proven to cut and disperse grass more quickly and efficiently regardless of conditions.
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Super Z Hd Page Pic 1


–Prices Starting at $16,199–
Powerhouse that Delivers Unrivaled Performance. The HyperDrive® features Hustler’s exclusive HyperDrive transmission system – the largest, most durable drive system in the industry. And, it’s backed by a 3,000 hour drive system warranty.
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Super104 Page Pic 1


–Prices Starting at $30,400–
104 Inch Width Of Cut Makes Big Jobs Easy. Hustler's Super 104™ can easily handle acres of work. Offering a 104" width of cut, zero-turn precision and up to an impressive 11 mph speed, this machine is in a class by itself.
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Hustlerzdiesel 1

Hustler Z Diesel

–Prices Starting at $15,399–
Diesel Power To Do Any Job. The Hustler® Diesel Z gives you all the great features of a Hustler product paired with fuel-economy of a diesel.
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Super S Page Pic 1

Super S

–Prices Starting at $7499–
A Stand-On With Exceptional Operator Comfort, Control And Maneuverability. Hustler's Super S® features superior operator comfort and positioning, operator-friendly controls and a compact stance that makes navigating tight spaces easy.
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Trimstart Page Pic 2


–Prices Starting at $6799–
A Walk-Behind With Maximum Stability, Ease-Of-Control. Hustler's TrimStar® is a perfect addition to any commercial mower fleet. It makes access to hard-to-reach spots easy and is designed to help reduce operator fatigue.
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Super 88 Front

Super 88

Versatile Stand-On Mower The most versatile commercial mower on the market with a wide cutting width to handle large lawns and massive acreages, yet agile enough to match smaller mowers on uneven terrain and around tight obstacles. It starts with the heavy-duty, 88 inch, 11-gauge welded steel deck featuring a 54 inch center deck and two pivoting wings.
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Super 88 Front


We have used mowers on hand as well as used mowers coming in. Are you looking to trade in your Hustler Mower? Give Mr. Mow Jangles for a trade in quote!
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