want-to-know-wednesday-webDo you have a question about the collision process or a question on Hustler mowers, Aluma trailers or our storage units? Maybe it’s a question about parts or things we offer at Doug’s Custom? Now you have the opportunity to get your questions answered.

Each Wednesday we answer questions with a short video on Facebook. Want your question answered? Give us a call, 996.0958; message us on Facebook Click Here, or send us an email at janellet@dougscustom.com. Your name and question can remain anonymous if you would like. Check out the latest videos below.

  1. Do You Service Your Mowers?
  2. Do You Detail Vehicles?
  3. Is There Anything New With Hustler?
  4. Do You Offer A Guarantee On Your Work?
  5. Do I Pay More Than One Deductible A Year?
  6. What Is the Windshield Replacement Process?
  7. Can I Take My Damaged Vehicle to the Shop of My Choice?
  8. When You See Repairables Advertised For a Reasonable Price, Do You Look the Other Way?
  9. Collision Repairs, Hustler Mowers, Aluma Trailers, Storage Units


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